Sunday, October 31, 2010

Disabling Magic Quotes

Why to disable magic quotes?
  • Performance Because not every piece of escaped data is inserted into a database, there is a performance loss for escaping all this data. Simply calling on the escaping functions (like addslashes()) at runtime is more efficient. Although php.ini-development enables these directives by default, php.ini-production disables it. This recommendation is mainly due to performance reasons.
  • Inconvenience Because not all data needs escaping, it's often annoying to see escaped data where it shouldn't be. For example, emailing from a form, and seeing a bunch of \' within the email. To fix, this may require excessive use of stripslashes().

Disabling on php script file.

 * DISABLE magic-quotes
if (get_magic_quotes_gpc()) {
    function strip_array($var) {
        return is_array($var)? array_map("strip_array", $var):stripslashes($var);

    $_POST = strip_array($_POST);
    $_SESSION = strip_array($_SESSION);
    $_GET = strip_array($_GET);
    $_REQUEST = strip_array($_REQUEST);
    $_COOKIE = strip_array($_COOKIE);
/** magic-quotes REVERSED **/

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