Friday, September 27, 2013

Screen Lock app for Android

Screen Lock app for Android by Prahallad is very handy for quickly locking off the device. Just a click to turn off the screen and lock the device. Animations are their so you can turn off with style. There
are various options to use the app quite smoothly. And the important thing is; it has no bugs at all, and found to be working perfectly in almost all the devices. Most such apps fail to work right on Android 4.0 and above but this Screen Lock app works just perfect and act as unbeaten from its 100s of competitors.

You get lots of options to use Screen Lock app as you need:
  1. Create a shortcut
  2. Use widget
  3. Enable in notification area
  4. Shake to lock the device
  5. Screen on and off without locking the device (Available in Pro version). Very useful one.
Features include with lock:
  1. Enable vibration upon lock
  2. Adjust vibration strength
  3. Enable lock and unlock sound
  4. Select sounds already present in your device
The development team has promised to give more features with the upcoming future releases. Some of the interesting features to be expected are:
  1. Custom name for the shortcut
  2. Various icons to choose
  3. Awesome device movement to Lock and to wakeup the device. (Will be very interesting to use)
The very interesting part is the flexibility provided with Transition Animation Scale. Unlike other such apps, this app adjusts itself with the value as set in your device, making the animation smoother and make it a perfect app. Also no screen flickering after lock is really awesome. Not to mention the icon provided with free and with pro version of this app is just outstanding.


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